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Martinka Presents KFC Coin by Ted Bogusta

The precision made KFC coin set will have you performing miracles in know time. A key ring and a half dollar magically switch under challenge conditions. The key ring will magically vanish from your hand to join a key in your pocket. You will like this one!
A key ring changes places with a half dollar in an inexplicable way. No difficult sleights and everything can be examined at the end. A precision made set with many possibilities, several routines are included to get you started. Includes precision made gimmick, half dollar, centavo, key ring. Printed and video instructions included. An original creation by Ted Bogusta.

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This is a Keeper! Review by DonSchock
Keep this one in your pocket at all times as it is a perfect piece of impromptu magic. Easy to perform with a big audience impact. Your audience clearly sees you put a centavo, key ring and a half dollar into a felt bag. They then watch as you take out the key ring and the centavo and place them in your pocket. So how is it that, when your volunteer pours the bag out onto the table expecting a half dollar, instead they get the key ring and the centavo? The half dollar is in your pocket! They jumped! This is one of those “no way” illusions that goes over big with an audience. No palming or tricky moves required and the coins, ring and bag are fully examinable afterwards. This has become one of my favorite Martinka creations. Put it in your pocket and get ready to amaze! (Posted on 8/13/2015)
KFC Review by VcosNJ
No, this isn't the famous chicken franchise, but KFC makes for some finger licking good magic! The gaffs for these are ingenious as you watch both key ring, centavo coin, and a 50c piece transpose. That's the idea behind this gaff set, and you can use your imagination to create your own presentation. This comes with my highest recommendation! (Posted on 8/13/2015)
Diabolical!!! Ingenious!!! Review by EvilDan
Who thinks this stuff up? I mean really, at what point in the night do you wake up and say, "Hey, If I made a gimmick like this....."

The plot is simple. A half dollar, a Mexican centavo and a keyring (yes, a keyring) are placed into a small brown cloth bag. The keyring and the centavo are removed and placed in your pocket. You push the bag toward the spectator and ask them to remove the half dollar. They can't. Because they find themselves taking out the keyring and the centavo. You have the half dollar in your pocket.
The gimmicks are ingenious. The effect simple and direct.
I think this is the best Martinka Coin Club release to date. I can't wait to see what they'll come up with next. (Posted on 8/13/2015)
Super Magic-super easy!!! Review by slydini1
I love this coin effect!!! I will carry it with me all the time!! A no brainer that is a brain twister!! (Posted on 8/13/2015)

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