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For over 100 years, Martinka has assisted our customers in a wide variety of magical ways.

Magic design, engineering and consulting

Martinka Workshop

Martinka has a rich history of building magic. The company built illusions for many of the great magicians in history, including the Great Herrmann, Kellar and of course Houdini. We also built the special effects for the original production of the wizard of Oz.

More recently, we have made custom items for David Blaine and have provided the engineering for several best selling products.  We can develop a  special effect or create a magical element for your next project.

Magic Archives

Whether it's a picture of Houdini, a rabbit from a hat or another magic related image, it's quite likely we can supply it. publications that have used our images include The Farmer's Almanac and The Wall Street Journal. Let us know what you are looking for.

Prop Rentals

We have old posters, photos, tables, boxes, trunks and magic tricks from magic's past available for your project. We've provided props for both print and movies. Those who have used our props include Tiffany, Penn & Teller and Disney.

Magical Entertainment

We have a wide variety of high caliber performers available for business meetings, trade shows, club events or private parties.


Magic Premiums and Puzzles

Offer something truly unique. Our clients in the insurance and financial services industries have had great success with our attention grabbing custom novelty and magic items.

Magic appraisal and evalualtion

Martinka has handled more magic antiques and collectibles than any firm in the business. We can assist you in identifying, valuing and determining the best options for selling.

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Martinka & Co.


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Martinka Brothers

Martinka Brothers, circa 1890s.

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