Martinka Rewards

How to earn rewards points at Martinka

To receive award points, make sure that you are logged in.

Points are rewarded for the following activities:

Leave a video product demo or review - 500 - 5,000 points, the more we like your video, the more points we add!

Leave a written product review - 200 points

Like MartinkaMagic on Facebook - 250 points (delayed update - contact us to expedite)

Subscribe to our youtube channel - 250 points (delayed update - contact us to expedite)

Invite a friend to view a product - 50 points

Share a product on facebook - 100 points

Tweet about a product to twitter - 100 points 

Pin a product on pinterest - 100 points

If invited friend registers - 250 points

When invited friend makes first purchase - 1,000 points

For every $1 you purchase, earn - 10 points

You can also earn points through special offers that we will make from time to time.
Some events have a monthly earning limit which is usually 1,000 points.

How to check on your point status.

After logging in, click on "My Account" and then select "My Reward Points" on the left hand menu. Or you can use the link HERE. Points expire after 6 months if not used. Please note that program details, reward and point values are subject to change. Any changes will be reported on this page.

How to redeem rewards points at Martinka.

Points can be redeemed and applied to your order when making a purchase. Points are assigned the value of $1 for each 360.

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