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Ringmaster - Silver Morgan by Ted Bogusta

A Morgan Dollar and a Gold Piece are shown, one instantly changes into a finger ring. Your hands are shown empty with nothing added or taken away.

A silver Morgan Dollar and a $20 Gold Piece are displayed. The coins are tapped together and the gold coin instantly changes to a gold ring. Other presentations are possible. No sleeves or sleights, your hands are empty at the end.

These sets were machined in the Martinka workshop from vintage silver Morgan Dollars and a facsimile $20 gold piece. A beautiful set. All needed coins and ring are included along with video of presentation and handling ideas.

"I can’t seem to stop buying these cool coins that Ted Bogusta keeps producing..." Andy Martin - martinsmagic.com

Note: These are finished to order and are shipped within 7 days of purchase.

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Fantastic and highly recommended. Review by Jonathan Todd Excelsior
I have been working with Ringmaster for months now and it has been elevated into my basic #1 opening effect for impromptu magic: "Hey - show me a trick . . ." This is a sticky area. You need to get into the magic naturally and this is a great way for my style. I immediately say, "I don't know about magic tricks but I will show you something I find fascinating, and frankly, unexplainable to my mind. The coins come out - one is selected and it turns into a ring in a flash. I put that on my finger and am left with one Morgan and can go anywhere I want with coins across, or matrix, etc. The reaction to this organic solution is outstanding and without looking like a MR MAGIC guy, something amazing happens in an instant. Credibility establishment at opening effect is very important and sets the tome for everything to come. I like to come out with a bang. Can't do it wit a deck of cards, or a packet trick, or dice . . . Used to be color changing knives for me which are also organic - except that nobody carries pen knives any more . . . Ringmaster is also nearly self working which lets me "warm up" with a focus on patter and performance not sticky moves. Finally - I'm left with a real ring on my finger that also serves a PK function. FREE! And I often vanish the ring with their ring via a ring flight as a closer. I made the ring and now it's gone. This is a beautifully crafted and well thought out professional effect that I simply won't leave home without. Fantastic and highly recommended. (Posted on 5/2/2017)

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