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Martinka Whisper Coin Set - Barber Half Dollars

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An exquisite set of four special Barber Half Dollars for your coin magic. They have been machine softened, re edged, darkened and bonded with a nano particles to reduce friction and to make a set that you will enjoy using.

These sets start with us selecting a set of four compatible coins. We then machine the high spots off each side of each coin. With the Barber half, special care is taken to preserve the just right amount of detail. After this step, the coins will stack as a solid block without the usual "rocking" and they'll also slide across each other without interference.

Next we re-do the edges so that they are sharp again, slightly sharper than when they were originally minted. This makes a huge difference in gripping and palming. As part of the process, we bond nano particles to the surface creating an extremely low coefficient of friction, this makes the coins glide across each other in a whisper quiet way

In the finishing phase, we apply a darkener in order to highlight the details on the coin.

. Once you have these in your hands, it is difficult to put them down. You'll find all of your favorite moves just work better. Made in Morgan Dollar, Walking Liberty Half and Barber Half sets.

"These coins are precious jewels, productions and vanishes are 100% silent" ROCCO

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