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Flosso in Martinka Magic Shop

Al & Jackie Flosso, former owners of Martinka, circa 1950's

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  1. LEAP by Agus Tiju

    LEAP by Agus Tjiu

    A shot glass is covered with a mouth down glass and a coin visually and suddenly appears in the shot glass! Learn More

    Out of stock

  2. Midas Coin Trick - Bogusta

    Martinka Presents Midas by Ted Bogusta

    A quarter and a dime turn to gold when they touch the magical golden penny! Learn More

    Out of stock

  3. Mental Pen

    Mental Pen by Joao Miranda and Gustavo Sereno

    With Mental Pen, what the spectator marks with a Sharpie, matches the magician's prediction! The routines possible are endless. Learn More
  4. Error 404 by Les French Twins

    Error 404 by Les French Twins

    Pieces of a torn playing card visually change to match a selected card! Learn More
  5. TAB Test

    TAB Test by Wayne Fox

    The spectator thinks of a word on a playing card box and you reveal it! No fishing. Learn More
  6. Hole 3.0 Bogusta

    Martinka Presents Hole 3.0 by Ted Bogusta

    A hole in a half dollar moves around on the coin. Each time it is moved, you can push something through it to prove it is a real hole! Learn More

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